Why does RustLang evangelism always come off as marketing?

Posted on Sun 28 March 2021 in Programming

So, this isn’t a dig at RustLang’s community, so much as it’s an obsevation. But why do RustLang’s fans always come off as marketers when they talk about the language? I’ll even give an example: “Would Rust secure cURL?”, by… “Tim”. That’s all they give for a name.

Anyway, I’m not going to go into a play-by-play analysis of the post, but just sitting here and reading it, and doing so again while writing my own post, it feels like it was written as a marketing blurb. And I know that it wasn’t, but I can’t help but see that in the wording used. And that bothers me, because RustLang is obviously a community-oriented language, and yet people write its praises like they’re part of some corporate-backed unit. It’s completely impersonal, and overly professional.

And the whole “Rewrite it in Rust” thing is prominent enough to become a meme, so that should show they have FSF-levels of zealot-grade fans that should be able to so something more than an underpaid salaryperson would do in their dayjob.

Of course, a lot of Rust’s problem is its pushy (and often forceful) community of diehard fans. That’s part of what turned me off of the language initially, and even though I have a book on the subject to learn it, I’m more keen on learning C than I am Rust, just because the community tends to be nicer. That part of why I chose Perl over Python as well. I’m not going to be excited about something community-oriented if the community is going to make me feel uncomfortable, you know?

Regardless, the fact that this whole “Rewrite It In Rust” mentality is a thing is creepy, and seeing it spread like some sort of religious movement is even creepier. It feels like some next-level Microsoft/Apple grade ploy at this point. Maybe they should rewrite in Brainfuck instead?

(Aside: The bigger reason I chose Perl over Python is because the newbie-level docs are actually newbie-level. The only Python book I’ve found that works is Zed Shaw’s “Learn Python{3} the Hard Way”, as the others tend to push an agenda of some sort in the first few chapters. Looking at you, “Head First Python”.)