Unlearning Habits

Posted on Wed 07 April 2021 in Personal

Since deciding to ditch social media, I’ve had to unlearn some of my habits. Things like how I look up information and news, where I look for said news, and how I keep up with people in general. I rely more on my RSS reader, on mailing lists, and even on just general web searches (DDG/Searx), where as I would search on Twitter or Fediverse for things before.

But most of all, I’ve been using the web as whole far less than I did before. I don’t keep my browser open constantly anymore, and that sort of quiet has done quite a bit of good for me when I do have free time to spend for myself, since I can be more productive, and less consumer-y. I’m creating, instead of being too mentally drained from society to do anything for myself. And that feels really good.

My ability to focus is still in dire need of recovery, but that’s now more on my home life than social media. It’s difficult to concentrate when people are constantly vying for your attention in meastpace.

Still, when I do have my browser open, it’s usually to either look something up, or to check something on Discord (ugh). Otherwise, I’m using lynx or some sort of terminal utility for things. mutt for email, newsboat for RSS, and mplayer or cmus for music. Hell, I use ytfzf to do YouTube searches, and my subscriptions are in my RSS feeds, so I don’t even use a browser for that. And thanks to cht.sh, most of my coding answers come up in a terminal as well.

Now, to get out of other habits as well… Like looking at comments.