Twitter Is Toxic

Posted on Fri 26 June 2020 in Social Media

I've been on Twitter since the early days, and every time I threaten to leave, something draws me back. But as of late, Twitter's biggest problem has been showing so blatantly that I just can't ignore it.

Twitter encourages toxicity.

I've watched as many people I follow have either become angry ranters who throw nothing but negativity toward those who follow them, or just become so fatigued—both mentally and physically—that they stop being able to actually care about life. People who were normally cheerful, now fearful of saying the wrong thing, or anything at all.

I've watched as innocent people were mobbed by angry individuals who start spouting some of the worst things I've seen, often with absolutely no repercussions aside from some people unfollowing or blocking them. Rarely are users ever punished for their actions, especially if they're well-known on the platform.

This is something I've really started to appreciate about the Fediverse. Yes, there are abusive instances. One fo my loved ones encountered a mob on the Fediverse a while back. But, you can easily avoid them. Both Pleroma and Mastodon give you the ability to block instances, or blocklist them if you're an admin. Not to mention the anti-abuse mentality of instances that are worth your time. And if you end up on an abusive instance, you can just export and move your account to another.

Just... I wish people would leave Twitter. Leave the site that causes so much hell, and maybe calm themselves down in the process.