The FOSS Community’s Civil War is Driving Me Nuts

Posted on Thu 08 April 2021 in Opinion

I’ll be blunt about this. I’m sitting here, staring at my Win7 SSD, sorely tempted to switch back to it for my daily driver OS. Why? Because the FOSS community’s little civil war over the FSF and Richard Stallman is driving me nuts.

Normally, this wouldn’t bother me. I could just ignore it. But it’s popping up everywhere. People keep bringing it up even when it’s off-topic, and it just kills a lot of conversations. And I know I’m not the only one getting outright tired of this bullshit, because I’ve seen a good number of people complaining about the exact same thing.

At this point, it feels like both sides are just out for blood, and the whole anti-toxic mentality got thrown out the window for eash side to get their way “or else”. And that is once again leaving me wanting to leave Linux behind as my daily driver and just move back to Windows 7, because at least Windows fans tend to be somewhat sane and benign in comparison.

And like… I can just run a virtual machine, pull my files from my backups or git repos, and continue on as if nothing changed. Hell, I’m still proficent with Win7, and it’s not like it’s lacking in good software for me to use. Much of it is on one of my backup drives. Adobe CS3, MS Office 2007, HexChat IRC, Pidgin… Hell, the number of games alone would give me plenty to do. That’s part of why I have a gaming rig.

Am I actually going to change my daily driver OS? Not likely. I much prefer the terminal, and using a virtual machine for just that is asking for a headache. Besides, Win7 is end-of-life, and as often as I say that such a state is more of a boon for the platform, applications are going to stop supporting anything older than Win10 eventually. That problem already hit Vista, and Vista is still my faovrite version of Windows, despite the lack of a modern web browser (which might actuall be a plus, thinking about it…).

Plus, I don’t really want spyware on my system, and Windows 10 is pretty much that in a nutshell with all of its tracking and telemetry.

Still, I wish the FOSS community would calm the hell down already. This isn’t helping their image at all, for Free Software or Open Source. It’s probably doing more harm than anything, with people turning away and not wanting anything to do with either FOSS or Linux/BSD. Seriously, just calm down, people.