Posted on Mon 29 March 2021 in Linux

So, as a Mac OS X user, one of the tools I fell in love with was TextExpander. Of course, they’ve shifted gears since I purchaed my copy for Snow Leopard through a software bundle, and I likely wouldn’t buy it today. But that functionality, to easily put a template or some sort of commonly-used text into something with only a few key presses, is a feature I found to really help me in my writing.

I knew of Autokey, but as much as I liked it, that wasn’t the same. But, I did find texpander! It’s basically a shell script that uses Zenity and a few Xorg tools to act almost the same as TextExpander (though it doesn’t work in Wayland yet). I have it set to run when I hit Ctrl+Alt+Space, and when I do, it gives me a dialog with a list of templates found in a $HOME/.texpander folder. They’re just text files, so it’s dead simple to have some of my most-used pieces of code or writing templates in there, and call them when I need them.

The only problem is the lack of Wayland support, but Wayland is still young and you’re gonna have issues like this unless it’s baked in pretty early. Still, I run GNOME on Xorg still (thanks partly to OBS), so it doesn’t really affect me. That said, I highly suggest giving it a shot.