Posted on Mon 05 April 2021 in Meta

Huh… I wasn’t expecting Chronicle to output a blog so perfectly suited for Lynx, but it works perfectly. I bring this up because I usually hold Lynx in high regard, especially in its usefulness with screen reading for the blind.

My mother was blind, and the web was usually out of her reach. Partly because of poor design by so-called professionals, partly because so many people just don’t seem to give a shit about anyone with a disability. So having a blog like this that’s readable by someone who is blind is kind of a big deal for me.

Of course, Lynx also partially follows the ideas of The Small Internet, with it being text-based and all. And I use it to access Gopherspace quite often, so of course those tie into my love of this discovery. Maybe I should add a little badge-with-alt-text thing about it to the template…