Lighting my workspace

Posted on Sat 27 March 2021 in Personal

Today, I did at least one little task to help deal with the crap on my mind. I went out and got the second light I needed for my desk, and the extension cable to plug both of them in with. They’re basically little clip lights that use spotlight-style bulbs (LED, of course), and only about $9 each at Wal-Mart. They’re both clipped onto my desk, pointed up toward the ceiling to provide some ambient lighting around my workspace when I don’t want the overhead lamp on.

They still get a bit warm, but what lamps don’t? And given how much light they put out, I’m not going to complain too much. Not until I can get some cooler running LED strips or fairy lights strung up, anyway. Because yeah, they’re a stopgap until I can get something better. And once I have the better thing, these two lamps are going onto some workspaces where I’ll need the extra light for working on sewing and electronics projects.

In other news, my last batch of ebay-purchased books should be delivered on Monday (I hope). The C Programming Language, Using UUCP and Usenet, Managing UUCP and Usenet, Managing Usenet, Learning XML, and Applications Programming in ANSI C are the final six for now, but my list of titles is still pretty long.

Why do I want them? Especially if many are outdated?

Historical reasons. I like looking into the past, to find things that can still be useful, and often lighter than what we have now. I mean, UUCP was a thing I never experienced, but Usenet/NNTP was (and still is) something I hold dear as far as forums go. And I’ve never learned C, but I plan on it once I really wrap my head around basic concepts. I mean, I’ll probably learn Go or Rust eventually as well, but like I said, I like looking into the past.

(Plus, I still find most C-based apps to be much faster and more stable than GoLang and Rust apps, but that’s just me.)