Posted on Sun 28 March 2021 in Personal

Last night, I ended up collapsing in bed for about 12 hours, not waking up until about 10:30 this morning. I got up, found a message on my phone to take a phone charger to one of my partners on their last day of work (they’re moving up north in May/June to chase a dream of being a pilot), came home, and made myself some chicken alfredo and pasta. But when I sat down at my desk, my brain decided to type toot into the terminal I was looking at.

bash: toot: command not found

Right… I’d decided to delete all of my social media applications. But then, I just went to newsboat to check RSS feeds, and mutt to check my email, and didn’t even think about social media. And after a moment of realizing that, I honestly felt relieved. Like a lot of weight was lifted off my mind.

I wasn’t worrying about what utter crap I’d be seeing this morning, or how much toxic negativity would be flooding my screen. In fact, I was more interested in a discussion on the lynx-dev mailing list about filename collisions, and that’s actually a good thing for me. I’m not dwelling on the dread of looking at the various hellsites, or wondering if something is going to completely destroy any energy I had for doing other things today. I’m just…doing my thing.

It’s pretty much as liberating as people make it out to be. I highly recommend doing the same to anyone who feels overwhelmed by social media. Just get rid of it from your life. You don’t need it.