Discord selling out? More likely than you think.

Posted on Thu 25 March 2021 in Opinion

So… VentureBeat is reporting that Discord is looking for a potential sale, and I honestly believe it to be true. Discord is going well, but can’t seem to be profitable, even with the whole Nitro thing. The thing is, even if they’re not looking to sell, this is …

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On Richard Stallman

Posted on Wed 24 March 2021 in Opinion

So, I’m not going to link to anything, but I do want to talk about the whole Richard Stallman Rejoining the Free Software Foundation Board thing.

I’ll be blunt about this: I don’t think he should be in such a position. I think it’s a bad …

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Tired of social media

Posted on Tue 23 March 2021 in Personal

I have to just say it: I’m so fuggin tired of social media. It has become one of the single most toxic concepts I’ve seen in my life. Everthing from Twitter to the Fediverse just keeps getting worse every time I look at it. And I just really …

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Spam Comments

Posted on Tue 23 March 2021 in Opinion

So, I was reading through some of the blog posts I’ve had in my Reading List, and one of them was about how they were re-implementing how tabs work in Epiphany/GNOME Web. It’s a browser which I’m looking at with hope for replacing Firefox as my …

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Websites for Creators

Posted on Sat 20 March 2021 in Personal

I’m a fiction writer for a certain subculture, and let me say that the gallery sites for said subculture are mostly…eh. They all have their pros and cons, but they’re also so different that, as a writer, you have to make multiple versions of a story to …

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Posted on Thu 18 March 2021 in Personal

So, you might have noticed a bit of a difference with my blog. It’s not being generated with Pelican anymore, for starters. Instead, I’m using Chronicle for the task. It’s a Perl-based SSG that I used to use during my earlier days of Linux.

And yes, it …

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GNU Emacs

Posted on Sun 14 March 2021 in Linux

So, I use GNU Emacs as my general text editor. WordGrinder is my word processor, but anyting else, I do in Emacs. It’s just the big text editor that’s always kinda worked along side how my thought processes function. I prefer key combos over a CLI for commands …

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Learning Perl

Posted on Sat 13 March 2021 in Programming

Let me start by saying this: fuck the Python, Rust, and Go elitists that I keep running into. Seriously, it really put me off learning those languages for the most part, just because of how snobbish so many of its fans tend to be. Meanwhile, Perl’s community has been …

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Laptop Power

Posted on Mon 01 March 2021 in Linux

Just today, I recieved my new-old-stock Dell Slice Battery for the Dell Lattitude E6430 that I use. I mentioned this machine in my previous blog post, and it’s been holding up nicely under Fedora. The battery life has been absolutely impressive, sticking around 7-8 hours on a single charge …

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Adventures in Linuxing

Posted on Thu 25 February 2021 in Linux

One thing I will openly admit is that, no matter what OS, I love a good command line interface (CLI). Especially if there are plenty of well-made Text User Interface (TUI) applications that I can use. That’s part of why going back to Windows 7 kinda hurt. I love …

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