Gitea and ssh

Posted on Tue 22 October 2019 in Tech

I've set up my own git repo here on PDN using Gitea, and it was a bit of a ride. My biggest mistake was setting up the git local account for ssh as nologin, rather than having a shell. That actually made it so that I couldn't use ssh for push or clone. So, if your /etc/passwd/ has this:


You'll wanna change it to something like this:


Gitea will make sure no one can log in via an actual shell.

That aside, I wanna say a few things about this thing.

First of all, the installation was fairly easy. Having the entire thing in a binary blob doesn't entirely sit well with me normally, but it made things much simpler in the end. Like... The configuration and everything was pretty much automated. I really like that. Felt like PHPbb, almost.

Second, having two-factor out of the box was definitely helpful. More than I can say for Pleroma, which has a massive documentation problem (there's not enough of it done). Being able to secure it on my server as I did with github gives me a little more peace of mind.

Having a place to push backups of my work is also so freakin nice, and using git gives me versioning. I can't do private repos on Github without paying, so having that as an option on my own server was important, and Gitea gave me that. Something else that gives me a bit of peace.

That said, it'll take some time for me to get a workflow for that going again. Probably gonna just set up a cron job to add, commit, and push at regular intervals. Better than nothing.