exa VS ls

Posted on Thu 25 March 2021 in Linux

So, I just checked through and read some posts in my RSS reader, and the awesome Mike Stone wrote about using exa instead of ls.

I’ve used exa in the past, back when I was running Ubuntu, and it’s not a bad replacement for the classic unix LiSt command. It’s much prettier to look at, and for those who use color to help process information at a glance, it can make glancing at a directory much faster.

But personally, I find it and its alternatives, lsd and colorls, to have a problem: they’re a tad slow from my experience. Like, it’s not an extreme issue that ends up gamebreaking or anything, but that extra second or so that I kept having to wait would drive me nuts sometimes. And I’ve had this with all three ls alternatives. Don’t know if it’s because they’re written in Rust/Ruby, or if it’s just something that could be optimized and hasn’t gotten there yet, but it was a problem for me.

That said, I highly recommend trying each of them, and check out Mike’s post on exa. Definitely worth a look.