Mastodon’s “Eternal September”

Posted on Fri 30 December 2022 in Web • Tagged with social media, fediverse, web, usenet, newsgroups, eternal september

The Eternal September, when AOL opened the proverbial floodgates and allowed anyone to access the Usenet newsgroups. A time that many from the era still hold against people due to how much it disrupted the culture found on many of those newsgroups. It was a turbulent time for those who …

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The Fallout of Twitter

Posted on Wed 28 December 2022 in Web • Tagged with web, social media, Twitter, Mastodon, twtxt, BBS, forums, Fediverse, usenet, newsgroups

Elon Musk bought Twitter. He became Nero as Rome burned to the ground. The ramifications are still being felt across the internet, and while many stay due to the cost of changing habits, others scramble to get a foothold in other communities to resume their online lives. Social media became …

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