Why Do Most Programming Books/Tutorials Suck?

Posted on Mon 29 March 2021 in Programming

I legit cannot get my brain wrapped around modern JavaScript. For some reason, Perl sits well with me, but not JavaScript. Even C just works in my brain, as I’ve looked through both Applications Programming In ANSI C (which I received today in the mail) and Effective C (from …

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Why does RustLang evangelism always come off as marketing?

Posted on Sun 28 March 2021 in Programming

So, this isn’t a dig at RustLang’s community, so much as it’s an obsevation. But why do RustLang’s fans always come off as marketers when they talk about the language? I’ll even give an example: “Would Rust secure cURL?”, by… “Tim”. That’s all they …

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Learning Perl

Posted on Sat 13 March 2021 in Programming

Let me start by saying this: fuck the Python, Rust, and Go elitists that I keep running into. Seriously, it really put me off learning those languages for the most part, just because of how snobbish so many of its fans tend to be. Meanwhile, Perl’s community has been …

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