Posted on Tue 13 April 2021 in Personal

So, I’m noramlly and Emacs user. I use GNU Emacs, and I do like it. But as of late, I think I’d like to try giving VIM another shot. See, I already know how to use it. Thanks to both the tutorial, and VIM Adventures, I did managed …

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Spring Cleaning

Posted on Sun 11 April 2021 in Personal

So, one of my partners is moving come May/June (undecided right now), and she’s having to go through her things to decide what to take. Given that some of her things are currently in my room—mostly her EE equipment, said room has become a bit of a …

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Unlearning Habits

Posted on Wed 07 April 2021 in Personal

Since deciding to ditch social media, I’ve had to unlearn some of my habits. Things like how I look up information and news, where I look for said news, and how I keep up with people in general. I rely more on my RSS reader, on mailing lists, and …

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Posted on Sun 28 March 2021 in Personal

Last night, I ended up collapsing in bed for about 12 hours, not waking up until about 10:30 this morning. I got up, found a message on my phone to take a phone charger to one of my partners on their last day of work (they’re moving up …

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Lighting my workspace

Posted on Sat 27 March 2021 in Personal

Today, I did at least one little task to help deal with the crap on my mind. I went out and got the second light I needed for my desk, and the extension cable to plug both of them in with. They’re basically little clip lights that use spotlight-style …

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Tired of social media

Posted on Tue 23 March 2021 in Personal

I have to just say it: I’m so fuggin tired of social media. It has become one of the single most toxic concepts I’ve seen in my life. Everthing from Twitter to the Fediverse just keeps getting worse every time I look at it. And I just really …

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Websites for Creators

Posted on Sat 20 March 2021 in Personal

I’m a fiction writer for a certain subculture, and let me say that the gallery sites for said subculture are mostly…eh. They all have their pros and cons, but they’re also so different that, as a writer, you have to make multiple versions of a story to …

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Posted on Thu 18 March 2021 in Personal

So, you might have noticed a bit of a difference with my blog. It’s not being generated with Pelican anymore, for starters. Instead, I’m using Chronicle for the task. It’s a Perl-based SSG that I used to use during my earlier days of Linux.

And yes, it …

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