Posted on Thu 12 November 2020 in Tech

As of late, I've been wanting to expand my tech book collection. I like collecting older editions of various titles, especially when it comes to programming, just to see how far things have come with those topics. Currently, on my shelf, I have the following:

  • "Programming in Lua" 2nd Edition, Roberto Ierusalimschy
  • "The C++ Programming Language" 3rd Edition, Bjarne Stroustrup
  • "Learning the bash shell" 2nd Edition, Cameron Newhan & Bill Rosenblatt
  • "Learning GNU Emacs" 1st Edition, Debra Cameron & Bill Rosenblatt
  • "SVG Essentials", J. David Eisenberg
  • "Learning XSLT", Michael Fitzgerald
  • "XML DeMYSTiFieD", Jim Keogh & Ken Davidson
  • "LaTeX: A Document Preparation System" 1st Edition, Leslie Lamport
  • "LaTeX: A Document Preparation System" 2nd Edition, Leslie Lamport
  • "The LaTeX Companion", Michel Goossens, Alexander Samarin & Frank Mittelbach
  • "The LaTeX Graphics Companion", Michel Goossens, Sebastian Rahtz & Frank Mittelbach
  • "Logic and Computer Design Fundamentals" 2nd Edition Updated, M. Morris Man & Charles R. Kime
  • "Learning Perl" 4th Edition, Randal L Schwartz, Tom Phoenix & brian d foy
  • "Intermediate Perl", Randal L Schwartz, Tom Phoenix & brian d foy
  • "Mastering Perl", brian d foy
  • "Programming Perl" 3rd Eiditon, Larry Wall, Tom Christiansen & Jon Orwant
  • "Perl Cookbook", Tom Christiansen & Nathan Torkington
  • "Learning Perl/Tk", Nancy Walsh
  • "Programming the Perl DBI", Alligator Descartes & Tim Bunce
  • "Mastering Regular Expressions", Jeffrey E. F. Friedl

Admittedly, I also have others in storage due to a lack of room, and two more coming in via mail fairly soon. But I would love to have a large collection of these older 90s and early 2000s titles and editions, just because I enjoy seeing how things used to be. It also helps that much of what's covered is still useful, since most of what they cover are the basics, and not version-specific.

Here's to hoping this collection grows.