Blogging is far more satisfying

Posted on Thu 25 March 2021 in Opinion

I find I much prefer blogging for getting my thoughts out into the open. It’s much more satisfying to put enough information onto a page to give those thoughts context, rather than trying to fight tiny character limits from social media. And when I do just need a small amount of text to say something, microblogging ends up being better for me, since I don’t feel pressured to “get it right or else”, like I do on Twitter and the Fediverse.

With twtxt, I control my own data. With my blog, I control my own data. No one can outright ban me from posting to my own blog/twtxt files, except myself. It’s freeing, to say the least.

On top of that, more and more people in my personal social circles are leaving Twitter, Facebook, and the like. They’re getting tired of Cancel Culture, of Callout Culture, and all the other toxic behavior going on within those platforms. They’re getting tired of the constant hate and negativity that just brings them do.

So, I happily recommend blogging to them, and a few are considering it. They ran Tumblr blogs when that was still an acceptable thing, And even if they end up not wanting to run their own servers, systems like [Dreamwidth][1] make it easy to get a decent looking blog up and running with no effort. And I do mean no effort. If I didn’t host my own blog now, I’d be using Dreamwidth myself.

Just some thoughts on the matter.