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Why Linux?

Wed, 14 Apr 2021 at 00:00:00

So, something I've had asked of me recently is "Why Linux?". Why do I use it? And the truth is, the answer is somewhat simple: it has the tools I need, for the devices I use.

So, I've mentioned before that I stick mostly to the terminal/command line for most of what I do. From Emacs for text editing, to WordGrinder for word processing, to basic Linux commands for file management. Even my music player (cmus) is a text interface. And all of this is because I suffer from RSI in my wrists, especially my right wrist. It can actually be fairly painful for me to use a mouse some days, and even when it's not, the pressure in my arm tends to build up into a knot.

I don't have that when I'm using terminal applications. I don't have to deal with that pain, or worry about how long I have before I need to stop for a break. I can just work, at least until something else interrupts me.

The price isn't bad, either. Being able to freely download and install the OS without needing to worry about CD keys and the like is a major boon. One that I only really knew from the Mac for the longest time.

For me, it isn't really about the philosophy, or the whole FOSS movement itself for that matter. I would've left long ago if the community was the reason. No, it's as simple as "it works for me".



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