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Tue, 13 Apr 2021 at 02:00:00

So, I'm noramlly and Emacs user. I use GNU Emacs, and I do like it. But as of late, I think I'd like to try giving VIM another shot. See, I already know how to use it. Thanks to both the tutorial, and VIM Adventures, I did managed to learn quite a bit of the keys used for navigation. They still drive me nuts, but it's not like I haven't been trying.

No, as I said before, the modal design is what drives me up the wall. So why am I suddenly wanting to try again? Well... Two reasons.

The first is that I'm wanting a lighter terminal text editor, but not nano light. I want something with some extensibility to it, but not something that will drag down my laptop and run it out of juice in five seconds. You know, like most web browsers do. VIM is kinda the middle ground between ed and nano on the lower end, and Emacs on the upper end, so it's one I'd go for naturally. Plus, it's on pretty much every *nix out there.

But there's actually another reason, and that's the ongoing civil war in the FOSS community. It made me realize that I need to branch out a bit, and not just rely on something like Emacs being supported properly everywhere. VIM, and especially its predecessor vi/ex, have better support across other platforms, including Windows and MacOS. Emacs has support, but it tends to be a bit lackluster.

And now, as I type this, part of me wants to try and do a stream/video of me going through VIM Adventures from start to finish... Huh.


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