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Spring Cleaning

Sun, 11 Apr 2021 at 02:00:00

So, one of my partners is moving come May/June (undecided right now), and she's having to go through her things to decide what to take. Given that some of her things are currently in my room—mostly her EE equipment, said room has become a bit of a mess.

However, she went through most of the belongings in our garage and shed, and ended up giving me some of her old tech books to add to my growing collection. This whole thing also prompted me to go through what belongings I have out in storage, bringing in most of my book collection, my plush toys (for the plush hammock I'm wanting to put up), and just generally sorting through the mass of crap I've accumulated over the years. Same with my other partner who lives with us. So, in a way, it's been spring cleaning, just not how we usually do things.

Still, I have most of my desk back under my control, and I'll eventually have more room to work with for making my space a bit more hospitable for my writing and programming plans. It also means I'll have a bit more space to work on my maths and science studies, since my "high school education" was lackluster, and I had to drop out of college twice for major family emergencies. Still, never too late to learn, right?

And in speaking of studies, I have a few new textbooks, both due to my book shopping on eBay, and my partner who gave me some of said textbooks: A few UNIX and Linux based books, a couple on C++ and C, and a few older webdev books. I also found the prealgebra, algebra/trigonometry, and chemistry textbooks that were bought for me when we lived in Austin several years ago, so I have those to go through.

(And out of the corner of my vision, I just noticed that, sitting in front of my algebra textbook, I have my "Yet another day has passed without me using algebra" can cozie. The placement is making me laugh.)

Above all, though, it's been nice to get things in order, and go through old things I don't need anymore to make room for more important matters.



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