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Sun, 9 May 2021 at 00:00:00

There always seems to be some new drama cooking in the FOSS world these days. Audacity is apparently going to include telemetry after being "bought" by a company, so people are up in arms about it, despite the whole thing being opt-in? Like... Okay. It's opt-in, and it's FOSS, so you can remove the code that you don't want to run. I hate to put it this way, but deal with it.

The toxic reactions I've been seeing are exactly why I haven't really gotten into programming. People are demanding, hateful, and spiteful if you don't go with their ideology. And yet, they blame figureheads like RMS for doing the most damage. No, look to your own damned communities if you want the real reason behind those people leaving your projects.

It's sad. I've watched so many developers burn out because of acidic users and devs pushing their own agendas into something, rather than realizing that it's not their project. Especially when there's one dev behind it who originally created the program. I don't want to ever go through that. Not when I've had so much hell just trying to get into coding in the first place. It's frustrating enough watching all of that taking place. Being dragged into it would probably see me swiftly exiting the scene altogether.

I'm not going to argue with why these arguments might be important, but the fact remains that the more hostile and toxic these people are, the worse thing become for the actual developers. The worse many of them feel, the more of a slog the actual process becomes, and the harder they'll eventually burn out of the role altogether.

It's just like with FOSS gatekeeping, which is almost as damaging as these fights tend to be. People who use the "Real Dutchman" argument to say that one isn't really a FOSS/Linux/whatever user because they're not using $distro, or not using $program. Just like the frustrations I've been seeing regarding the RustLang community, and all the people pushing to rewrite everything in Rust because $reasons.

It's not what they're saying, but rather how they're saying it.

People really need to learn some social skills. That's the last I'll say about it.


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