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Sat, 8 May 2021 at 00:00:00

So, one of my partners is now on their way to Conneticut to chase some dreams, and I'm sitting in my family home in what is once again truly my room, with the other partner I still live with taking over the room he shared. And yet, even after the tears shed, I don't feel any relief about having my space back to myself. It's a strange feeling.

Of course, dealing with my grandfather being in the hospital hasn't helped matters, but regardless, today has marked a number of changes in my life once again. Changes that are both welcome, and not so welcome. Still, life carries on.

Once things calm down at home, I want to return to focusing on learning C and Perl, among other things. Maybe start work on that Linux book I've wanted to work on. I still need to read The C Programming Language and The UNIX Programming Environment, but those will be started soon enough. They're short enough that it won't take me long to go through them, but long enough that I want to read them a bit slower than I usually do.

Let's just hope more shit doesn't go down.


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