The Usefulness of a Home Server

Posted on Sat 28 January 2023 in Tech • Tagged with home server, windows, linux, mac, file sharing, utilities

One tool I’ve found extremely useful is my “home server”. It’s actually my gaming rig at the moment, though I want to change an old desktop into a proper standalone server for the various uses it can have.

One of the reasons I have it around is file …

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Left social media. Again.

Posted on Fri 27 January 2023 in Social Media • Tagged with social media, twtxt, plaintext

So, I decided to finally drop social media, including my twtxt file and subdomain. Why? Well, a few reasons.

First of all, I do like the idea behind twtxt. I also deeply appreciate what the community has been doing with the…protocol? System? Whatever you want to call it, they …

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COVID sucks

Posted on Wed 25 January 2023 in Life • Tagged with illness, personal, covid-19

This is just a quick update, because I’ve been completely out of commission since the end of last year. I got sick, thought it was the flu, had to go to the ER twice, and found out I got a triple whammy of COVID-19, viral stomach flu, and …

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Mastodon’s “Eternal September”

Posted on Fri 30 December 2022 in Web • Tagged with social media, fediverse, web, usenet, newsgroups, eternal september

The Eternal September, when AOL opened the proverbial floodgates and allowed anyone to access the Usenet newsgroups. A time that many from the era still hold against people due to how much it disrupted the culture found on many of those newsgroups. It was a turbulent time for those who …

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The Fallout of Twitter

Posted on Wed 28 December 2022 in Web • Tagged with web, social media, Twitter, Mastodon, twtxt, BBS, forums, Fediverse, usenet, newsgroups

Elon Musk bought Twitter. He became Nero as Rome burned to the ground. The ramifications are still being felt across the internet, and while many stay due to the cost of changing habits, others scramble to get a foothold in other communities to resume their online lives. Social media became …

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Keyboards and the JIS layout

Posted on Wed 28 December 2022 in Tech • Tagged with keyboards

So, I mentioned before that I use a MacBook Pro. It’s a US MBP with a US layout. But I also use a Magic Keyboard 1 and Magic Mouse 1 with it when I’m at my desk, and the keyboard isn’t US layout. It’s JIS layout …

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Why I left Linux for an EoL Mac OS X machine

Posted on Tue 27 December 2022 in Tech • Tagged with linux, mac os, windows, operating system, computers

I don’t hide the fact that my main work system is a MacBook Pro running Mac OS X Snow Leopard, an operating system that was released in 2009, and made end-of-life back in 2014. I’ve had people either poke at me for using such an outdated OS, some …

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Posted on Tue 27 December 2022 in Meta • Tagged with housekeeping, blogging, self, life

Been meaning to restart this blog once I had the chance. When one of the maintainers from DreamWidth went off the deep end about a rival company, I felt rather unsettled, so now that Pelican is running on my work system, might as well start this part again.

Name’s …

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