Thoughts on Text Editors and OSes

Posted on Fri 23 April 2021 in Opinions

It’s roughly 00:43 UTC as I start writing this post, both for my blog, and my gopher phlog. I’ve read through my new-old copy of Learning the vi Editor, and I’ll be honest, I’ve been giving VIM a decent shot as of late. With the …

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RSS & Atom Feeds

Posted on Wed 21 April 2021 in Technology

68 feeds. 18 YouTube channels, 3 Mastodon feeds from people I just really want to follow, 5 news feeds from major projects, 1 web comic, 3 of my own blogs, and the remaining 38 are other people’s blogs. And that number keeps growing.

That’s what my ~/.config/newsboat …

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Rust Is Not For Me

Posted on Sun 18 April 2021 in Opinion

I’m not going to really get into it here, but after giving RustLang a bit of a try, it just really isn’t for me. I got frustrated even more quickly than I did with Python, and just looking at the community…I didn’t want to even try …

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Why Linux?

Posted on Wed 14 April 2021 in Opinion

So, something I’ve had asked of me recently is “Why Linux?”. Why do I use it? And the truth is, the answer is somewhat simple: it has the tools I need, for the devices I use.

So, I’ve mentioned before that I stick mostly to the terminal/command …

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Posted on Tue 13 April 2021 in Personal

So, I’m noramlly and Emacs user. I use GNU Emacs, and I do like it. But as of late, I think I’d like to try giving VIM another shot. See, I already know how to use it. Thanks to both the tutorial, and VIM Adventures, I did managed …

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Spring Cleaning

Posted on Sun 11 April 2021 in Personal

So, one of my partners is moving come May/June (undecided right now), and she’s having to go through her things to decide what to take. Given that some of her things are currently in my room—mostly her EE equipment, said room has become a bit of a …

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The FOSS Community’s Civil War is Driving Me Nuts

Posted on Thu 08 April 2021 in Opinion

I’ll be blunt about this. I’m sitting here, staring at my Win7 SSD, sorely tempted to switch back to it for my daily driver OS. Why? Because the FOSS community’s little civil war over the FSF and Richard Stallman is driving me nuts.

Normally, this wouldn’t …

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Unlearning Habits

Posted on Wed 07 April 2021 in Personal

Since deciding to ditch social media, I’ve had to unlearn some of my habits. Things like how I look up information and news, where I look for said news, and how I keep up with people in general. I rely more on my RSS reader, on mailing lists, and …

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Posted on Mon 05 April 2021 in Meta

Huh… I wasn’t expecting Chronicle to output a blog so perfectly suited for Lynx, but it works perfectly. I bring this up because I usually hold Lynx in high regard, especially in its usefulness with screen reading for the blind.

My mother was blind, and the web was usually …

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Why I don’t use Gemini

Posted on Wed 31 March 2021 in Tech

So, I will say right up front that I do like the concepts behind the Gemini protocol. Mostly made by a community lead by the awesome solderpunk, it’s effectively a quarter-way point between the text-and-directory-centric Gopher protocol, and the HTTP protocol we use on the web. And as a …

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