Posted on Thu 12 November 2020 in Tech • Tagged with books, tech, programming, collection, LaTeX, perl, lua, emacs

As of late, I've been wanting to expand my tech book collection. I like collecting older editions of various titles, especially when it comes to programming, just to see how far things have come with those topics. Currently, on my shelf, I have the following:

  • "Programming in Lua" 2nd Edition …

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Twitter Is Toxic

Posted on Fri 26 June 2020 in Social Media • Tagged with Twitter, Mastodon, Fediverse, Social Media

I've been on Twitter since the early days, and every time I threaten to leave, something draws me back. But as of late, Twitter's biggest problem has been showing so blatantly that I just can't ignore it.

Twitter encourages toxicity.

I've watched as many people I follow have either become …

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Why I Don't Enable Comments

Posted on Tue 19 November 2019 in PDNMeta • Tagged with blogging, commenting, pelican, opinion

So, thanks to a great write-up by, I wanted to mention why I don't have comments on my personal blog anymore.

Simply put: stress.

Moderation and screening of comments is a necessity in this day and age, with comment spam on a constant rise, and the toxicity …

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Gitea and ssh

Posted on Tue 22 October 2019 in Tech • Tagged with tech, git, gitea, software, ssh

I've set up my own git repo here on PDN using Gitea, and it was a bit of a ride. My biggest mistake was setting up the git local account for ssh as nologin, rather than having a shell. That actually made it so that I couldn't use ssh for …

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Posted on Sat 19 October 2019 in Life • Tagged with tech, software, linux, workflow

Changing Operating systems is never a fun proposition, unless you're like me and enjoy learning things all over again. Or in my case, re-learning things all over again.

See, I started with MS-DOS, and moved to windows up until XP. During that era, I ended up stumbling upon Mandrake …

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Posted on Fri 18 October 2019 in PDNMeta • Tagged with tech, happy, setup, pleroma, music

Woohoo! I now have my blog and private Pleroma servers set up. Thank you Linode for providing affordable hosting. (#NotSponsered)

I'll have more to put here later, but for now, I'm wiped out.

And because I used its lyrics for testing this thing, have an awesome metal song, used by …

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